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Pruning trees for structural health and for controlling diseases are good reasons to hire an arborist to prune specimen trees.  Start early, for the overall long term health of the tree.

Big storms are what drives us to the equipment needed for plowing today.  Call us for an estimate on plowing your driveway. 

This is the root system of the spruce that fell from high winds.  After the top of the tree was removed from the house, the stump was removed and disposed of.

After strong winds this spruce tree uprooted and fell on the house shown.  The tree was removed by disassembling it little by little and the brush was chipped.

This is a tree that needed evaluating because of the epicormic growth and a dying crown.  It was one of the early discoveries of the Emerald Ash Borer.

This was an exceptionally large sugar maple removal. The stump was ground, topsoil was brought in, it was graded, then grass seed was planted.

This is a short gallery of services that Neal Tree Service has provided.  Call us if you have any questions or would like a free evaluation of what you need done.  We have affordable services that serves all our needs.

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Licensed Arborist, Certified Arborist

Tree removal is sometimes necessary.  We have over 45 years of experience, which helps us do the job wisely and safely.

This tree was damaged by a car fire that was deliberately set.  The bark was chard on one side, but it was our job to try to save the tree.  Pictured here is us exposing the roots before the new driveway was to be poured.  After evaluation, we then fertilized with nutrients to assist in new growth.

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